#5: Male "Kid" White/Black

Lady Bird x Steele 2014 “The Gunslingers” Week 2-3

Aptly themed, “The Gunslingers,” Lady Bird & Steele puppies are coming along great. They turned 3-weeks old today and will have their first taste of puppy mash. They are heart-breakers to say the least, with good looks and all that 3-week-old puppy charm. Be careful, you’ll fall in love, just …

Empty puppy play kennel :(

One Nest Empty

It’s a bit lonely here today. All of the pups from Santana’s litter left for their new homes over the weekend. A …


Too Much Fun with Puppies

With just a few days left before Santana’s pups start leaving, we’ve had our hands full getting ready; trying to give them lots …


Santana’s Pups Update June 24th, 2014

Santana’s pups are coming along very nicely; they are growing in to quite a good-looking bunch and are now becoming bold and inquisitive and quickly outgrowing the puppy room. I’m not sure I can keep them in there for much longer.