The 2023 Ultimate Guide of Father’s Day Gifts for the Upland Hunting Dad

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if your dad is an avid upland hunter, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to show your appreciation for his passion. Upland hunting requires skill, patience, and the right gear, so why not surprise your dad with a gift that enhances his hunting experience? To help you in your search, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of Father’s Day gifts tailored specifically for the upland hunter in your life. From practical tools to apparel, to upland wing shooting accessories, we have something for every upland hunter dad out there.

Quality Hunting Gear For the Upland Hunting Dad

One thing every upland hunter needs is reliable gear. Consider gifting your dad a new shotgun, if it’s within your budget. Alternatively, you could opt for accessories such as choke tubes, shooting glasses, or a gun cleaning kit. Don’t forget about comfortable hunting apparel like waterproof boots, breathable jackets, and durable pants. High-quality gear ensures your dad will be well-prepared and comfortable during his hunting expeditions.

The Best Waterproof Boots for Upland Hunters:

One thing is for sure, good boots are essential for Upland Hunters. A lot of miles are put on in any given season and they must be comfortable, durable, and able to last through at least a season or two. I personally need to have a few pair for various conditions and from the warm early season to the late season with snow on the ground. The following suggestions receive time and true tested ratings:

  • le chameau leather lined boots for the upland hunterLe Chameau Men’s Chasseur Leather Lined Boots My personal favorite and they get me through most of the season and terrains. I personally love a tall, slip-on boot and one that protects my shins, keeps my feet completely dry, helps keeps out ticks and sticks, and doesn’t leave have the stickers and half the cover of the fields and woods wrapped up in strings that constantly come untied. My feet don’t sweat (but good socks are essential, too. More on that later.) in the early season in them. If I had to pick one pair, these are it. The LeChameau Chasseurs are leather lined and have a zipper. They come with me everywhere and only when it is brutally cold with a lot of snow on the ground must I reach for a different pair.
  • Russell Moccasin Boots Most models are custom made to fit. Most guys swear by them. Once you are a Russell fan, you are always a fan. Consider a gift certificate so Dad can have a pair made.
  • CRISPI Nevada Legend
  • Thorogood 1957 Flyway 8” Waterproof Moc Toe Hunting Boots
  • Danner Men’s Sharptail 8″

The Best Upland Hunting Jackets

The Best Upland Hunting Pants

The Best Chaps for Upland Hunting

I’ve never found a pair of Upland Hunting Pants I love. But I do have everyday jeans or hiking pants I love and to keep them fairly clean, add a layer of protection from scrapes, maybe keep ticks further from my skin as well as feel a little less worried about spraying insect repellents, and keep them from getting ruined with snags, I prefer to use chaps. Heck, on the hottest days, I’ve even worn shorts and a pair of lightweight chaps. On the coldest days, I’ll wear a pair of insulated chaps over my good, but very snag gable, ski pants. I like that with most chaps I can put them on and take them off with my boots on. They are truly a very versatile option over dedicated upland pants and there are snake proof chaps, too. Here are a few pair of chaps to consider:

The Best Shooting Glasses for Upland Hunters:

Shooting glasses are really a must-have to protect your eyes not only while shooting, but hunting. It didn’t take me long to learn after getting poked by tree branches. They also keep the dust and pollen at a minimum and can brighten the canopy under which Ruffs and other upland birds live.

Outdoor Life rates the Best Shooting Glasses as:

The Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits:

There are many shotgun–and universal–gun cleaning kits available. Be sure the one you choose will fit the caliber of his shotgun. Here are a few to get you started:

The Best Socks for Upland Hunters

I never thought I’d fall into a group of folks that would pay $20+ for a pair of socks. But after a few years of miserable feet at the end of a hunting or training day, and a happenstance stop at a Labor Day sale at a local outfitters with my dad–buy one get one free on Smartwool socks–I have never put on another non-wool sock again. I love Christmas and birthdays because everyone knows to get me socks. Tall, cushiony, oh so luxurious boot socks. Thick ones, medium weight, and lightweight… and even low ankle wool socks for summer hiking or biking in sneakers or hiking boots. Ahhhh…. heavenly. And they are also the gift I give everyone on my list. Now, everyone I’ve given a pair to is a convert. They are even kind of mad about it because now that can’t wear anything else either. That being said, Smartwools are not the only game in town anymore, there are several brands that have stepped up and manufacture excellent wool and wool-blend socks. Take care of Dad’s feet and get him a pair or 3.

  • Kuiu Socks
  • Darn Tough Socks I do not personally own any Darn Toughs, but I follow countless long-distance through-hikers (because I secretly dream of through-hiking all the trails someday, if only I could take the dogs, right?) who wouldn’t wear anything else. They say Darn Toughs last longer than Smartwools and these guys would know, they hike 2,000-3,000 miles in 6-8 months in them.
  • Hylaea Socks I have several pair of these from the very tall ski socks to the no shows and I love the extra compression. It’s like my feet and calves are getting a hug all day. I somehow ordered them by mistake and almost sent them back when I realized they weren’t Smartwools, but ended up trying a pair on and fell in love.
  • Smartwool socks For 10 years, I’ve worn nothing but Smartwools until I accidentally ordered the above Hylaea’s. My favorite Smartwools are the PHD ski socks because they are over the calf, to the knee boot socks (I cannot stand when crew socks end up sliding down inside boots), but for those who prefer a crew, there are many styles and weights to choose from. Check out the hiking styles, because they are cushioned and formulated for wicking moisture away, preventing blisters, etc. and for walking all day. Because that’s what upland hunters do.

The Best Upland Hunting Gloves

Every time I forget a pair of shooting gloves I regret it. They help in so many ways, even in warmer weather, they keep a good grip on the gun, protect from thorns, from poison ivy, etc. In cold, wet, windy conditions gloves are a life saver for all of the obvious reasons plus gripping a lead or check cord, helps in handling cold latches, putting your hands in a dog’s mouth to pull Porcupine quills, holding down barbed wire fences, and so much more.

Hunting Dog Supplies:

If your dad hunts with a trusty canine companion, there are numerous gifts that will make his dog’s experience even better. Look for items such as a comfortable and sturdy dog harness, a durable leash, a collapsible water bowl, a dog-bell, a whistle, a TufFlex Checkcord, or a first-aid kit designed for upland dogs. If it is in the budget, consider a GPS tracking collar or an electronic training collar to help your dad keep track of and train his hunting dog in the field. These gifts will not only enhance your dad’s hunting trips but also ensure the safety and well-being of his upland hunting companion.

The Top GPS Dog Tracking Collars:

Upland Hunting Dog First Aid Kits

Field and Game Accessories:

Upland hunting often involves long hours spent outdoors, so any accessories that make the experience more convenient and enjoyable will be greatly appreciated. A lightweight hunting backpack or strap vest with plenty of compartments is ideal for carrying essential items like water, snacks, extra ammunition, camera accessories, and to hold extra layers. Additionally, consider a high-quality hunting knife or multitool, a field dressing kit, or a reliable compass to help your dad navigate through unfamiliar terrains.

The Best Strap Vests for Upland Hunting

Knives for Field-Dressing Upland Game

A knife with a thin, flexible and narrow blade is best for cleaning upland birds. Some prefer a folding knife and others a simple filet knife. Here are a few favorites:

  • Boker Bird Knife The classic from Solingen, Germany, the Boker Bird Knife is a folding knife made of alloy-steel, a rosewood handle, nickel silver bolsters, and a ring to attach a lanyard.
  • Case Vintage Bone Trapper is a jack knife featuring both a clip and spey blade, a vintage bone handle, and a life time warranty.
  • Cutluxe Boning & Fillet Knife I became a fan of the Cutluxe line of knives recently and when I lost my favorite folding knife while hunting last fall, this fillet knife was perfect. The Cutluxe 10″ Scimitar Butcher Knife is my favorite for processing large game. It is a game-changer.

Best Game Shears for Upland Birds

  • Gerber Game Shears
  • Cutco Super Shears I’ve owned two of these and both have mysteriously disappeared. They are an investment and the best set of shears you’ll ever want to own. They will cut through just about anything including a penny as shown by the Cutco salesmen in the 80s. Moms and Dads will love them and they will last forever (and are guaranteed to).

Hunting-related Books and Magazines:

For dads who love to read and expand their knowledge, hunting-related books and magazines make excellent gifts. Look for publications focused on upland hunting techniques, bird dog training, conservation, or hunting adventures. Books written by renowned hunters, trainers, and guides can provide valuable insights and entertaining stories that will captivate your dad’s attention during his downtime. I have a library of upland hunting books I treasure and will never part with.

Subscriptions to Upland Hunting magazines and conservation groups make a fantastic gift. I absolutely love when one of my kids extend a subscription. Some favorites are:

Personalized Hunting Accessories and Fun Stuff:

For a unique and thoughtful gift, consider personalized accessories that reflect your dad’s passion for upland hunting. Custom ammunition boxes, personalized or breed-specific shirts or hoodies, or a monogrammed gun case are just a few ideas. These personalized touches will add a special touch to your dad’s gear and remind him of your love and appreciation every time he uses them.

Hunting Experiences and Trips:

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider planning a hunting trip or booking a guided hunting experience for your dad. Many outfitters offer specialized upland bird hunts in various locations, providing an opportunity for your dad to explore new hunting grounds and challenge himself. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer excursion, this gift will create lasting memories and strengthen your bond. Related to hunting trips, a power pack is an essential and affordable necessity. Consider the BLUETTI 700 Watt Portable Power Station EB55 or the Jackery Explorer 1000. Dad can charge his phone, watch, laptop, GPS tracking and training collars, remotes, and more. He can recharge it via a portable solar panel, while he’s driving, or when at home or hotel via AC outlet. No more loud stinky gas generators.

Shooting Range Membership:

If your dad enjoys honing his shooting skills, a membership to a local shooting range can be a fantastic gift. It provides him with a dedicated space to practice his aim, improve his accuracy, and maintain proficiency throughout the year. I did this one Father’s Day for both dad’s–his dad and my dad–and we all went together and it became not only a Father’s Day tradition for many years, but both dads ended up buying memberships to a sporting clays range, new shotguns, etc., and it got them out and active. My dad said it was one of the best gifts ever.

Hunting Maps and GPS Devices:

Help your dad navigate the terrain with ease by gifting him detailed hunting maps via apps’ like OnXhunt, or a GPS device specifically designed for hunters. These tools can provide valuable information about land boundaries, topography, and even bird migration patterns, helping your dad locate the best hunting spots.

Consider a GPS for the truck. Yes, we all have mapping on our phones, but we don’t always have the best service when hunting in the middle of nowhere. I still love a dedicated GPS, satellite-based navigation unit for the dash or windshield and they are available with much bigger screens than that of a phone.

How about an OnXHunt Maps subscription? I love the Elite memberships as a traveling hunter/backpacker/photographer as the Elite membership gives me all states vs the standard version of only one state. You might also consider Scout and Hunt maps. I used both services traveling and hunting last fall and there are features of both I couldn’t do with out. I had very little cell service and I was always able to see exactly where I was with the Scout and Hunt Maps app. Even though I had downloaded maps to my phone for OnXHunt, and yes, I could see the maps, but I couldn’t see where I was on the map without cell service. With Scout and Hunt I could see I was exactly on the start of a public land area and a cut and where the trail or cut would end–all without cell service. Scout and Hunt uses GPS technology. It was always spot on my location. They also have a one-state or all states yearly subscription.

With the advances in technology, every year we are presented with amazing new gadgets that make travel, hunting, and safety easier. Here are some of my absolute favorite things that I think any dad would love.

  • Garmin Tread Overland Edition: Not just a dedicated GPS device, but it is huge (10″), has lifetime map updates, and can sync with select Garmin dog tracking collars!
  • Garmin DriveTrack™ 71 6.95″ and compatible with select Garmin dog tracking collars. Invaluable if you lose a dog and need to drive to it.
  • Garmin Watch that includes the Dog Tracking Widget that syncs with Alphas, Astros, and even the Pro 550 Plus. Many of the Garmin watches have this functionality, see the full list of Garmin GPS dog tracking and training systems and Garmin watch compatibility, here.

Outdoor Cooking Gear:

After a hunt, many hunters enjoy preparing and sharing a meal on the tailgate out in the field. Consider gifting your dad outdoor cooking gear such as a portable grill, a cast-iron skillet, cooler, even a pull-out kitchen setup for the back of the truck or SUV. Here are some proven favorites to get you started:

  • Blackstone 17″ Griddle. I finally broke down and got one and I haven’t cooked on anything else since. Nope, I haven’t even used the stove in the house. I cook everything on it and have a carry bag to carry it to the Ambo and back to the porch when I return home. The griddle has been a game-changer for me. No carrying charcoal to light and wait for, less dishes to clean (no more cast iron skillets needed), easy clean up, etc., and though I absolutely love cooking over a real wood fire, it is not safe in many places due to the risk of forest fires, plus you know, carcinogens and all that. The 22″ Blackstone Griddle might suit cooking for larger hunting parties better.
  • Of course, the best-selling Yeti Cooler
  • 12 Volt Cooler/Freezer. How about a 12-volt cooler/freezer for the truck/suv? Also a game changer when you are nowhere near a town to buy ice every few days. A 12-volt refrigerator/freezer keeps everything out of floating in gross water when the ice melts, too. I have a SetPower Dual Zone, cooler/refrigerator/freezer. It is very nice for cooling and then freezing game birds after the hunt, keeping dog food frozen (if you feed raw), and all the fixings for bird camp meals. There are many models available with different size configurations and surely one to fit the size and style you need.
  • Portable Power Station. Keep his 12 volt freezer/fridge/cooler powered with a portable power station that you can recharge in 3 ways; via 12 volt plug while driving, via a portable foldable solar panel, or via an ac outlet. He can charge his phone, gps tracking collars, laptop, tablet, and oh so much more with a portable power station. I recommend Bluetti’s EB70S 800 watt set that includes a portable solar panel. Or a Jackery. Or how about a solar starter kit for his van, rv, truck, etc.? Have a look at kits from Renogy.
  • Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit. These are freaking awesome and he’ll absolutely love it. I have a Solo Stove Ranger (biggest one that will fit in my ambo cabinet) and my first one was a little Mesa. It is so nice to have my own fire pit and no smoke in my face. It is so much safer than camp fire pits, too. I have an ember screen for the top making it even safer. Cooking accessories, heat deflectors, use with wood or pellets. I could go on and on. I’m sure you’ve already heard of them if you don’t already have one. If he has one already, look into some of the new accessories because they have added so many over the past 6 months. Check out Solo Stoves here or here.
  • Slide out camp kitchen for Pickups and SUVsPull Out Camp Kitchen. And the setup every upland hunter dreams of (or at least I do) is a pull out kitchen! They are available now to fit most every pickup bed or SUV (except I haven’t found one to fit my ambo cabinets). How nice to have a sink and water for bird cleaning! Check out the offerings from the Nomad Kitchen Company and even this one on Amazon.

Wildlife Conservation Memberships:

If your dad is passionate about conservation, consider gifting him a membership to a wildlife conservation organization. This gift not only supports important conservation efforts and supports habitat, but also provides your dad with opportunities to get involved, attend events, and stay informed about the latest conservation initiatives. Consider Ruffed Grouse Society, Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, National Shooting Sports Foundation, etc.

Photography Equipment:

For dads who appreciate capturing the beauty of nature, consider gifting them photography equipment such as a high-quality, weather-sealed camera, a telephoto lens to go with an existing camera, or a GoPro to easily record his hunts. This gift allows them to document their hunting adventures and preserve memories in stunning detail.

Fishing Gear:

Those that upland hunt are usually fisherman, too. Maybe he needs a new rod, reel, net, lures, flies, or maybe an inflatable canoe or kayak.

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation for your dad’s passion for upland hunting. By choosing a gift tailored to his needs and interests, you can enhance his hunting experiences and make this Father’s Day truly memorable. From practical hunting gear to accessories and unique experiences, and for any budget, the options are endless. Remember, the best gift is one that comes from the heart and shows your dad how much you value and support his love for upland hunting. Just getting out together for a day in the field is priceless. But the best gift you can give is simply being in his life and interested in his life.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there rather human dads or dog dads. I hope your day is full of love.