About Life with Llewellin Setters Blog

Llewellin Setters were my life and I have shared our adventures with this incredible breed of pointing dog through this blog since 2005. After some tragic events and huge losses, I’ve had to pivot for a few years to take care of family members and then, try to rebuild a life alone. I am now concentrating on regaining my health and starting over again. What does the future hold? Only God knows. But my passion and concern for the quintessential upland hunting dog, the Llewellin Setter, has never waned. And I miss my dogs beyond words. I still bawl pretty much everyday. But, I must move forward and try to help with all that I’ve learned and have been blessed with in almost 25 years of breeding dogs. 

Follow along for get training tips, Llewellin Setter puppy news, upland hunting gear reviews, etc.,—everything I can think of to help you in your search for the perfect Llewellin Setter, how to train your pup, care for your pup, travel to great upland hunting areas, and more. Don’t miss the 24-hour Live Puppy Cam when I have litters of Llewellin pups.

My goal is to educate and entertain would-be and current Llewellin Setter owners. To empower you with excellent information and inspiration to get outside and into the uplands with your Llewellin. Get out with your amazing bird dog companion and hunt, explore God’s country, meet other wonderful upland hunters, and more.


Michelle Lazur