The Unofficial Announcement of the Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter Photo Contest

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It’s A Photo Contest!

I have always wanted to do this!

I am going to have a photo contest. I am still working out the details, but the gist of it is simply a photo contest for Llewellin Setters.

I am working out the categories, and so far think they will be:

  • Hunting/Working. This category would include shots of your Llewellin on point, working, etc. Prefer these photos do not include people—just the dog working.
  • Puppies: There just has to be a puppy category, right?).
  • General: Maybe a beautiful shot of a Llew doing nothing in particular—just standing, sitting, etc.
  • Fun. You know, those goofy shots of our Llews sleeping on their back or running, jumping, playing.

The purpose of the contest is to capture the Llewellin Setter at it’s best, to show-case this magnificent breed. The intended use of the winning photos is for a possible Llewellin Setter Calendar.  Did you ever want to have a Llewellin Setter calendar for your wall? I know I have! I have seen E-Setter calendars that may have included a few Llews, but I have never seen a Llewellin Setter calendar… well, wait a second, come to think of it, I did see one, but couldn’t tell if I liked the photos included. I am thinking it may have been a puppy calendar. I have to look for it again to be sure.  And,  I don’t want to be a copy-cat or any such thing. I have just always wanted a Llewellin Calendar! I thought I would invite everyone interested to submit their photos.

Another possible use for the photos is for on a Web site in development that will be all about the Llewellin Setter. It will be a resource for all Llewellin Setter owners, breeders, and enthusiasts. It will house the Llewellin Setter database and many other resources–if I ever get back to the development of it. I’ve had it in the works for a few years, now, but haven’t had any time at all to work on it.

So, while  I work out all the details of the contest, I thought I would make mention of it and everyone can start taking or gathering photos. If all goes well, this will become an annual contest for an annual calendar.

I am working on the possibility of some nice prizes for the winners, as well as the date cut-off, judging to select the “winning” photographs, etc.

For now, get out your camera and take photos of your Llewellins!