A Day Late and A Dollar Short…

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It seems that lately (or possibly longer) I am always a bit behind on things. I really can’t stand being in this state and have to get back to being better organized, get an assistant, and just weed-out and rid myself of unnecessary garbage that is taking up precious time! The thing is, is that I think about this very problem every day and can’t come up with one single thing to rid my life of, organize my time in a more efficient manner, or find or budget for an assistant. So, I just have to get better at everything I do, right?


I am frantically trying to get the 2012 Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter calendar done. Problem… I asked everyone to upload their photos to be considered for said calendar to Flicker. Turns out that Flicker reduced the sizes of the photos everyone uploaded and so none of the photos are large enough for the very large, very beautiful calendar I want to have printed! UGH. So, I will be contacting everyone to see if they happen to have the original photo file! If you are reading this and had submitted photos for the calendar, please, please, e-mail them to me, here. Submit away! Please.


I know it is very late in the year to finally be getting the calendar out! After all, most folks have their calendars purchased already, right? Well, hopefully, not so. And hopefully, folks will want one anyway! Really, do you already have a calendar of Llewellin Setters for 2012? I think not! 🙂


I know I have been awful at posting, but I promise to get back to it on a very regular basis. I am committed to bringing you excellent content in 2012, as well as regular newsletters, and I also have some other things in the works but I am not sure I can pull it all off, so I don’t want to say too much about it, yet! But, here it goes–I am kicking around a bi-weekly or monthly podcast. I am personally a podcast freak (I gave up television a few months ago and love being able to chose what I listen to. I can listen on my handy ipod-touch, or now, via my android phone) and have quite a few favorites I listen to and am always looking for more. I can’t find many on the subject of upland hunting, bird dog training, and of course none on Llewellin Setters, so I am going to do my own! 🙂 Maybe. Geesh, Michelle, you barely keep the blog updated, so how do you plan on doing a regular podcast? Well, I don’t know exactly, but I am going to give it my all! I am accepting suggested topics to discuss. Feel free to send me your suggestions and requests!


So, there is a very quick update, but I have lots more to come! I just wanted to mention the calendar is really coming.


Oh… the “dollar short” thing? Well, yes, that too but it was really just a catchy title for the blog.


Hug your Llewellin tonight!