Upland Bird Season Underway

Hello All!

I have been a horrible at keeping the blog updated. I am so sorry.

Just returned from a two-week hunting trip. Took 5 dogs–1 of which was a five-month-old puppy. All the dogs did quite well.

I took two really good dogs and then, three dogs that I felt would benefit the most from the experience of close cover, ruffed-grouse hunting conditions.

I was really amazed with the pup, Genesis. She hunted like a pro–pointing–and holding birds. She worked the cover like she had done it a thousand times before. It never ceases to amaze me the natural, inherited abilities Llewellin Setters have.

I am looking forward to getting the dogs into Ruffed Grouse and Pheasant here, in PA, now and will keep all updated.

How is your season going? Let us know!.