Hunting With My Llewellins

Well, I was not looking forward to the idea of hunting the opening day of pheasant season, here, in PA. But, after a rainy morning and the dogs carrying on like they just knew it was the opener, I finally loaded up Luke and Midge and off we went.

Turned out not to be too bad. There were not that many autos parked at the game lands parking lot, so off we went. We ended up putting p 11 birds. Not too bad. Luke and Midge were amazing and it turned out to be a lovely afternoon hunt. Most leaves are still on the trees, here, so it was a pretty hunt as well. Thought we might get into some Ruffed Grouse as well, but we did not.

Here is a crappy picture of the two of them on point.

Luke and Midge on point

Hope you are all getting out enjoying your bird dogs!.