In Remembrance…

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Well, I could not decide if I was going to hunt today or not. Today is a hard day for my family as my wonderful, ornery, handsome, brother died in a work accident 5 years ago, today. So, it was a sad day reliving receiving the tragic news. I can’t believe it has been 5 years. I had originally planned to take my dad out for a little afternoon escape, but then remembered that “today was the day…” so had decided to just stay in.

Then, my oldest son came home from work early and we were talking about how we spent this day last year–we hunted. So, deciding that my brother would appreciate that we hunted in his honor, off we went for a quick 2-hour hunt. We went to the same place we hunted last year. It just so happens that from the area, we can see the power plant where my brother died. Kind of creepy, I suppose. There was a few years that I couldn’t bare to look at the place without going into heaving convulsions and thinking about how he died.  And, just like last year and just like the day he died, the local fire company’s fire whistles blew out their sad song.  Gives you goose bumps….

Well, the dogs did great, though. Took Count and Midge. Midge was the same as usual, hunting like a dream (in my opinion). Count was a beautiful sight to behold. He runs with such class and style!  He reminds me of a grand, sassy, high-headed, stallion. Just can’t take your eyes off him working. They had some beautiful points and backs.

You would have loved it, my brother, my best friend… we miss you, terribly.

Graham and Count.