Spring Fever!

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Well, I see that I have been just awful at keeping the site and blog updated. Much has been going on in the past two months that I have not reported on!

First, we have had several preserve hunts and what a great time they were! We had a little hunt for my father’s birthday at the end of February. Great bird work by Midge, Jenna, and Luke!

 Then, the following weekend was another excellent hunt for our son, Graham’s birthday. He invited some of his buddies and worked Count who did an excellent job for them while Scott ran Maddie, Midge, and Brier along with Dave Witner’s Jem in an adjacent hunt. All the dogs did excellent–except for Midge! Scott said she just wasn’t herself and we can’t figure out why or what on earth was going on with her that day. Jem, Brier, and Maddie did very well considering the conditions–the temperatures were in the upper 70’s that day! What a change from frigid and snow one weekend to summer-like conditions the very next weekend.

Then, last weekend we had a very nice hunt for Scott’s dad and some buddies that have been dying to get out on a hunt. Dan Wincio from the other side of PA made the 5-hour one-way drive to join them with his 1-year old pup, Hatch (out of Shay x Brier). What an excellent day with excellent dog work! 

We ran Luke, Midge, Maisy, Ranger (the little pup), and Covey. Jess and Boone got to run a little at the end of the day. Dan ran Hatch who did an amazing job! Our friend, Jack, brought his new 5-month old yellow Lab pup, Mas. Wow, Mas did excellent finding and retrieving while being his very first time on live birds.

 It was an excellent day and has been an excellent month of hunting opportunities.

Enjoy the photos: