It is very, very quiet here…

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It is so very quiet here, now.

Aspen (Sierra), Woodrow (Titan), and Liberty flew to thier new homes Friday. All went relatively well with just a delay for Woodrow in Detroit. Northwest Airlines took good care of them well. It seems they are all doing just fine and adjusting to thier new homes. I heard Aspen and Liberty slept thru thier first night without crying. I have not heard about Woodrow.

I think the Snuggle Puppies were a hit. I hope they helped keep the pups warm on the flight. Thanks to Laura Whitlock from Hickory Hill for going out of her way and shipping them to me overnight express when my order did not come in! In fact, mine still have not arrived… grrr

Well, we have been able to work on crate training and house training on the remaining pups. Lucy will be leaving Tuesday. It will be so strange.

We are expecting Maddie to come into heat at any time, now.  She will be bred to Brier for her maiden litter.  Maddie is a beautiful heavily-ticked chestnut Belton. She is out of Shay by Luke and is very, very stylish. She has a lovely, graceful style and wonderful personality. We are very excited about this breeding!

Brier was just bred to Nimisila Creek’s Scout last week. Scout is a fine orange Belton and this will produce excellent pups. Check out Dave and Kristine’s site: for reservation information. Pups are due to whelp around March 19th, 2009..