Llewellin Puppies Begin Leaving the Nest…

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Well, today was a day with mixed emotions. Four of the litter are now in their new homes. Tahoe, Tripp, Milan, and Nitro flew the coop, first. It is a little sad, but knowing how excited everyone is to get their pup makes it a happy day, as well!

Here are a few pictures just sent by the Barvelds of Milan with some of her new family:


The transition usually can mean a couple of tough days for the little squibbers, but they soon will adjust to their new lives and forget all about us!

The rest of pack will be either leaving Friday on an airplane or Saturday via a car ride. It is already so strange, here, with just 4 of them gone–I can’t even imagine what it will be like in a week from now.  I really get attached the last few weeks.  It’s so strange without Milan and Tripp tugging at my pants wanting to get into my lap, Nitro crying and scratching at the door to be let out, or Tahoe wanting to sleep on my feet! It’s so strange…

Farewell my little darlings, go off into the big world and hunt and please your new hunting partner. You are in a new business partnership and will quickly learn your end of the arrangement; although, if you dig down deep into your instincts, you are already aware of your job. You are to search and find wild and elusive upland birds for the kind hand that feeds you, gives you a warm place to lay your head, and scratches you behind the ears. The one that takes you on walks and plays fetch in the yard. Do this for him/her with incredible style, class, and intelligence and you will be content beyond your wildest bird dog dreams. Make me proud and become all that you were meant to be… from the one that just happened to be blessed enough to have helped you along in your first precious weeks of life. I will never forget you and you are always welcome back.

::sniff sniff::.