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All heck broke loose around here, this week! My golly, these puppies have really come alive all of a sudden. Things are quite hectic and it takes a lot to keep up after the squibbers. They are able to tackle just about anything at this point. They are climbing, jumping, running, biting, barking, and pooping–alot! Our house is a disaster and I can’t keep it clean at all. Oh well, that’s life with a litter of 10 ornery Llewellin Setter puppies. What else would anyone expect?

Many are chomping at the bit wanting more information about the pups. Well, let me tell you, this must be the most difficult litter to do this with!  Honestly, close your eyes and pick because this is a very even litter of pups. They are all loving the company of people, there are none that are shy. Milan, Sierra, and Nitro are probably the most ornery of the bunch. They seem to cause the most “trouble” at this point. But, they are just curious and get into everything. Sable, Liberty and Ava are a bit more laid back than the other gals.

The vet will give all the puppies a good exam and their first set of shots Wednesday and the picking can probably begin Wednesday night-as soon as I can get an announcement out. If you have any questions about a particular pup, please let us know and we will help in every way we can.  As said, this is a very even litter as far as personalities and this will be hard picking for all! We really would like to know everything you are wanting in your pup so we can help make suggestions.

I will do a quick run-down here and will add more comments to the individual pages withing the next few days.

The Girls:

Liberty: Such a sweetheart and seems to be the one all the humans end up with in their lap. She will lick your face all day long if you let her. She is very easy to cuddle with and not biting as much as the others. She will end up mostly black.

Sable: Much like Liberty and will also end up mostly black.

Avalanche: Very sweet gal and very curious. Had a ball with the wing tonight. Will be moderately ticked.

Milan: Very curious, very ornery. Not afraid to go off on her own and investigate things. Takes no crap from the boys!

Sierra: The smallest of the gang, but that does not stop her one bit. She is very stylish and prancy. I can’t do anything without her wanting to be right in the middle of it. While I sweep, mop, or try to take photos, she is right there crawling in my lap. What a little doll. She seems to have a closer, shorter coat right now than the others.

The Boys:

Of the boys, Nitro is the most vocal. He really lets us know when he is unhappy about being in the whelping box and wants out!  He is very energetic and seems to be the one instigating the rough-housing lately! ORNERY! He also loves the humans and wants to be in the middle of whatever you are doing.

Dakota  seems to get himself into quite a few predicaments. He’ll climb up a step or two and get stuck, not knowing how to get down yet! He knocks things over and pulls things off the coffee table. He also very much loves the humans.

Tahoe. It’s hard not to love this guy. He is more quiet than the other boys. Hangs back and lets everyone else get into predicaments. He observes and seems to make wiser choices! He reminds me so much of Boone! Not only in looks, but in demeaner as well. He is such a sweetheart! Tahoe will end up mostly black.

Titan. Isn’t he so cool looking? He is my buddy. Always seems to be the first one to visit me and likes to settle in under my feet at the desk. He is liking hanging out for naps in the crate–away from the rest of the rowdy biting bunch. This fellow is a beautiful blue belton with a lovely personality.

Ranger is the smallest of the boys but holds his own quite well. He is also attentive to people and very loving. Ranger will be moderately ticked and a real beauty.

Here are the latest photos: