Puppies Are 5 Weeks Old!

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I really can’t believe these puppies are 5 weeks old! Time has flown by. Things are sooo much fun, now–a lot of work, too!

The pups are into everything and are everywhere! The personalities are emerging and this is a very “even” litter. I will begin making some comments on them. All are such sweethearts and really enjoy people. The playing among them gets a bit rough with some crying at times.  They can be really tough on one another biting on the ears, belly, and such.

They are so darn cute and I don’t envy any of you having to pick from this bunch. If I was picking, I would have a very hard time (usually why I take the last one left and figure it was meant to be mine).

I would have to say that at the moment, Milan is still the princess and is a handful. She is very bold and adventurous and nothing stops her.

Dakota we call little Brier and what a looker, huh? He is a quiet one and very bright. He seems more serious about all his doings–intentional and almost thought-out. He has mastered (dare I say it?) using the paper to do his business (thank you very much, Dakota) and knows the rutine of things here.

Tahoe, wow, I just love this guy (okay, I love them all), but he reminds me so much of our Boone when he was a pup and I think will look much like him, too. He just has something about him. Very loving and friendly, playful, interested in everything.

I will start adding comments on all to their individual pages this week. I hate to stop there, but must for now. Puppies need put to bed and i can barely hold my eyes open tonight!

Enjoy the latest photos–oh, and Happy New Year!