The 4-Wheelers are 3 Weeks!

Gosh, things are really changing and getting fun with these pups! They are really growing and really getting around. Their tiny, sharp teeth are coming in, now, too. It is so much fun to go to the whelping box and call them and they wake up and come to the side of the box. Titan and Dakota were trying and trying to get out of the box tonight. Titan almost made it last night.

I have had them out of the box a few times in the past few days. They are beginning to explore the living room. A few of them discovered Shay’s water bowl and had themselves a try at it. Ranger is certainly the curious one. He was off checking everything out. Dakota, Titan, Milan and Sierra were very curious also, but didn’t go too far from the blanket I put them on in the middle of the room where Mom was.

Tonight the pups got their first meal. I made a mash with puppy food and water. They liked it! They really went to town on it and got quite messy. They were then all cleaning it off of one another. Pretty cute stuff.  Here are the latest photos! Enjoy!