Shay & Brier Puppies 5 Weeks Old

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shay_pup_collage.jpgWell, I am sure folks get tired of reading me write that I can’t believe how quickly time flies by, but here I go again…. I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks since the pups were born!

All the pups are doing just great. They are all gaining wait normally and eating very well. After they finish the softened food, many of them march straight over to Shay’s bowl of dry food and munch on it. Shay is only nursing about twice a day, now.

The pups love to rip and tear around the living room and get into just about everything they can reach. It is quite a site to see them quickly destroy the room by ripping up the newspapers, dragging shoes and slippers around, blankets, pillows, whatever they can get a hold of! We are diligently trying to put them on the newspapers to do their business, although only one (Hope) seems to actually search out the paper to go on. When they are outside in the puppy kennel, they do come out of the box to relieve themselves.

They all just love people and come running when someone comes into the room or when I go out to the kennel to check on them. They are all very affectionate and love being cuddled at this point. They like playing with the puppy toys, now, also.

They are really starting the dominance games with some rather rowdy play and barking and growling at times. Hope seems to be the most aggressive at picking these battles. I can’t say that any of them back down from her, though!

All have wonderful personalities emerging. It seems hard for me to find a lot of differences in them. This seems to be a well-balanced litter. I think a lot of personality traits will show up in the next two weeks, though. I do not envy those of you picking your puppies! I will make every note possible as to personality this week as I know many will be trying to make their picks.

Photos have been almost impossible for me to get. I take about 40 photos a day and might get only 1 worth keeping. With 10 pups constantly in action, it is so hard to get a photo that is not blurry. I will try harder this week, though. And, if there are a few in particular that anyone would like more photos of, please let me know.

Talk to you, soon..