The Latest on Levi

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Levi on pointJust thought I would write a bit about Levi and how he is progressing.

Levi is now 13 weeks old. He weighs a hefty 22 lbs, already! Needless to say, he is growing quickly. The days have been full of fun for him and he enjoys the older dogs (or biting them, anyway). He has learned not to bite people as well as the “kennel” command. He is housebroken and actually behaves rather well at this point. He does well on the lead, but we have not started teaching “heel, ” yet.

Levi had his first experience with a semi-wild covey of quail at a local training area recently and was very excited and interested! He enjoys getting to go to the pigeon loft and goes nuts under the aviary. He still enjoys some rare experiences with the wing where he will hold a point seemingly forever.

When walking in the woods or fields, he still keeps a keen eye out for us and has not run off on his own as of yet. The hide and seek game played once worked well, although he is still very young and I am certain we’ll need to play that game again!

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Good day, all!.