Two Weeks Until Llewellin Puppies Arrive!

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Even though the wait is only 9 weeks long, it seems to take forever when you are waiting for a litter of puppies! Maisy and Brier’s litter is due in just two weeks and the waiting has been cruel! We are finally able to see and feel the puppies moving around. Maisy is getting quite large, but otherwise taking it all in stride.

Shay started her heat, so she will be bred to Brier within the next two weeks, and whelp sometime in early April. (Oh, and yes, there are also a few openings for male puppies on this breeding and perhaps one more female).

Ahhh, puppies, puppies, puppies! Life will be nothing short of exciting around here for several months! The puppies from Maisy x Brier will be ready to leave and the Shay & Brier’s puppies will arrive. And of course, a few will remain with us permanently, so summer fun and training of new Llewellin Setter puppies is in store! It really doesn’t get any better than that now, does it?

I had been considering taking a little jaunt to WV within the next few weeks for grouse because PA’s season comes to a sad end this Saturday. However, being reminded that puppies will be arriving, I don’t think I will be going that far. Perhaps Scott will get to take a day trip.

Oh, and speaking of puppies. David & Kristine Witner at Nimisila Creek Kennels have just one male pup available out of the Diamond x Brier breeding. The 10 pups whelped Christmas Day and are 4 weeks old. This is a excellent litter, blending some of the finest Llewellin Setter lines and natural abilities. See the pups, here..