Shay’s Litter Due in Two Weeks

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Thought I would mention to all those folks anxiously awaiting the arrival of Shay’s litter, that she is just about at the two-weeks-to-go mark. We will begin to switch her food over to the puppy food for extra goodies to prepare her for delivery and nursing.

She is doing very well and just loves being in the house. Shay doesn’t usually like the house much as it is really just too boring for her. But, she seems to really enjoy the lounging-around-the-house life, lately.

She is looking quite large around the girth and we should be able to see the puppies moving around in there, soon.

There are 4 deposits and 3 on the waiting list for females and 2 deposits for males. We could take another 2 reservations for males. This is an excellent breeding and will produce excellent gun dog puppies! These puppies will be very “colorful” as Shay is so heavily ticked black. She has also been known to whelp a chestnut pup or two. We’ll see how God has painted these little darlings!

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