All Puppies Have Been Picked

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All the owners have now picked their puppies! The first pick of males made their decision, today. They will be taking #4-male! We’ll let you know his new name as soon as the new owners have decided. He has a super-sweet personality, is laid-back and lovable. He “goes with the flow” and doesn’t complain much. He seems perfectly suited for his new owner’s situation.

All puppies were seen by the vet yesterday. They received their first set of shots and a good going-over. All checked out excellent!

I took all the pups outside for the first time, also. Usually, puppies would have had their first experience outside by now, but the weather here has just not cooperated. I put them out in the puppy kennel for a few hours while I did some yard work. Most of them enjoyed the change of scenery and happily played. One particular boy and girl, however, cried most of the time to be let out! As soon as we have another nice day, I will put them out, again. It poured down rain yesterday afternoon and everything is mud again.

The next week will be full of new things for the puppies. With the first set of shots, I feel more comfortable about letting them romp around the yard and such. After Thursday, March 20th, the pups can go to their new homes. Most will be leaving next weekend. I will really be trying to work on the potty training this week as well as more and more time away individually to try to help lessen any anxiety of being suddenly taken away from the rest of the pack..