Puppies Are 7 Weeks Old!

It has been one crazy week around here. The pups are growing and growing and are busting at the seams. There isn’t much that they are not into now! They easily escape the whelping box (with the sides up and latched). If they don’t want to be in there, they are going to get out. They really love people and attack anyone that comes into the room. All love the game with a quail wing and are sight pointing it, as well as one another. All have lovely personalities and are inquisitive, bold, and–in my opinion–beautiful.

Kelly (#5, tricolor, female) is going to her new home in Michigan tomorrow. Duchess (temporary name for #6, tricolor female) may be leaving tomorrow, also. Cooper (#4-Male) and Blizz (temporary name for #2, blue belton, female) will be staying until next weekend, and Levi (#1 tricolor male) will be staying with us..