Eyes Are Opening!

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Oh my! The puppies eyes are opening. Hooray! I am so excited. You all must think I am sooo weird. I just can’t help it. No matter how many times you do this, no matter how many puppies you see in your lifetime, this is exciting!

So much fun this morning to pick up each puppy and while doing the usual inspection–see their little eyes peeking back. All are opened slightly. Geesh, it adds so much personality to them. They are becoming very vocal, too!

Finally, here are new photos. It is so difficult to get the little squibbers to stay still for a second for individual photos. A few are blurry, but I couldn’t get them any better this time. Oh, I think #4 Male might be a tricolor. I believe I can see the faintest brown showing up on the ear, but it is not enough for me to call it for certain. I could be imagining it.

Click on the thumbnails for the larger picture.

Take care, all.

num_01_male_12days.jpg Maisy x Brier pup. #2 Female. Belton. 12 days old. Maisy x Brier pup. #4 : Male #5: Female - Tricolor - 12 days old. Number #6 : Female - Tri-color : 12 days old..