Puppies are Ten Days Old

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In my sadness over the loss of #3, I found myself looking over the rest of the pack more often, today. While it made me shed more tears, I suppose it also helped with the healing. I don’t care who you are, you can not hold a 10-day old puppy and not smile inside–even with tears rolling down your face.

The pups are really becoming more vocal. They cry when they are hungry, now. They yawn a lot, whimper, and are beginning to try to lick fingers and nibble one another a little. More ticking seems to be showing everyday and I will take more photos, soon.

We spoke with the vet this evening and he is certain #3 most likely had an intestinal defect (such as something that did not finish developing) that did not show up until he really started eating a lot. Long story, but he is certain it is nothing that could have been prevented, corrected, or otherwise helped. He assures me the rest of the litter is just fine.

Still stinks. . ..