Puppies are 1-week Old

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Well, here we are at the 1-week mark with the pups. All is going well and all the pups are doing great. I trimmed their little razor-nails today. The nails grow very quickly. Poor Shay, how all those little nails digging in to her must hurt!

I was just starting to take the 1-week photos, when my camera battery died. It is charging and I will get the photos later, tonight. Here are a few of the pups in the whelping box earlier, this evening:

The puppies are all gaining weight and getting around the whelping box very well. A few of them have attempted to get up on all 4’s. It is sooo cute. They get themselves up and wobble around and fall down and take off crawling again. Gosh, can they move, though! Wow! When you put one down, they are off like a shot to find mamma and get a little snack. Fiesty! No slouches, here.

I love the noises they make in the whelping box, that I get to listen to all day. Little puppy grunts and moans. Little puppies drinking from mamma… little sighs of content bellies… Nothing better than that–except maybe the sound of a bird flushing! Ha!

The ticking is really starting to come out on most of the pups. It has appeared mostly on some of the faces, around the nose and such. It is showing up on the little bellies and on their legs, as well. Avalanche and Nitro still do not have much ticking showing up, yet. Avalanche does finally have a spot near her nose and on her back leg, but that is it, so far.

By the end of the week, their eyes will be open. I love that. They suddenly are looking back at you and the personalities seem to begin to take shape.

I love this time with the puppies. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have such wonderful dogs, such nice, healthy puppies, and work that allows me to stay at home with them most of the time. I am so thankful.

Other news: I am not sure if I mentioned that Scott was able to get out with some of the dogs over his Thanksgiving “break”. He had a wonderful hunt with Maddie last Friday on pheasants. He thinks she is just flat-out amazing. It’s funny how we think every dog is the best! He, then, hunted Jess and Covey on Saturday. He reports that Covey worked like a dream, keeping her eye out for Scott and listening perfectly. Covey is certainly not afraid to get into nasty cover and has a lovely, close working pattern. She did excellent. Scott was impressed with her.

Jess did excellent as well, with his regal style of working an area. He is high-headed and high-tailed and has such a nice style and gait. He found lots of birds and retrieved every bird to Scott’s hand–naturally. He gets that from his dam, Scout, we are told. He is such a gentle, soft-mouthed dog with a lovey personality.

Well, that is all for today. I will post new photos of the puppies as soon as possible.

Update: Here are a few new ones..