Dora x Luke Pups 1-Week Old

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The little darlings are now 1-week old. They are growing like mad and are such nice puppies, in my opinion. 🙂  The ticking is really coming out on the faces and bellies of the 3 belton pups and on the bellies of the hooded lot — they are all going to be beauties!

They are trying more and more to get up on all-fours and walk around. They love to cuddle up to the snuggle puppy. It is good for them to have something to crawl up onto.

They have had two nail trimmings already! The nails grow so quickly and it is important to keep them trimmed so they are not hurting Dora or each other too much.

Dora is doing great and is a fantastic mum!  I love that she is not overly protective of the pups and she lets me do anything I need to without much fuss.

I will get more photos over the weekend. It will be too hot to do much else this weekend!