Dora x Luke Pups are Two-Weeks Old!

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Hi All. So sorry I haven’t updated the blog more often lately. I say it all the time–not enough hours in the day. I know you all feel the same way at times.

Well, the pups turned 2 weeks old today. They are really coming along, now. All have their eyes open. I love when their eyes finally open and they seem to be looking back at me. The personalities just seem to start coming about. It gets fun, now!

I have added new photos to the Web album (linked above or in the left-sidebar) and will get their pages updated soon.  They received their first round of dewormer today and had yet, another nail trimming. Things are a bit messy in the box tonight. I think the medicine must make things taste bad and the mums usually are not so eager about keeping the pups spotless as usual. It always seems to happen with the first deworming and lasts for a few days. Dora is such a great mum, though. She has been wonderful and a breeze to deal with.

I have to change the pads in the box twice a day, now. It doesn’t stay dry very long. Soon, they will start using just one side to tinkle on and keep the other side dry. It is amazing to me when they start doing that. Just instinct to keep their “den” clean and dry.

I had really worked toward and looked forward to having a puppy building ready by the time these guys were 3-weeks old, but it looks like that will not happen again. It isn’t even started… all the fellows here are just too busy with other things, it is too hot, not ready, etc. The new kennels were to be done by now also… I get so discouraged, but what is a girl to do? Wish I knew how to do that building stuff and had a free minute to do it! I know, all I do is complain and whine, ay?

Well, I certainly do not have any complaints about this beautiful lot of Llewellin puppies! I will very much enjoy the next 6-weeks with them.

All the best and God Bless you all.


Copper puppy
From Dora x Luke Week 2