Expected Litters Update: It Won’t be Long Now

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Nash, Llewellin Setter, waiting for puppies
Pretty Nashua
Llewellin Setter Nashua, preggers with Ranger puppies


Llewellin Setter, Addison, ready to have puppies!
Addison trying to get comfortable.


Beautiful Addie, tri-color Llewellin Setter
Hi Addie. Sorry to bother your nap.
Llewellin Setter, Addie, resting up before her puppies arrive.
Addison resting up

Addison and Nashua are just days from whelping their puppies and within approximately one week, I’ll have a house full of kick-**s Llewellin Setter puppies again. 🙂

Both girls are doing great, eating more often but less at a time because there isn’t much room for food with a belly full of puppies. Poor girls. I feel so bad for them. I wish we could just skip the miserable part and scary whelping and first 3 days or so part and jump to the one-week old puppies part…

Nash seems more miserable than Addie and if I didn’t know better (and I double-checked the dates just to be sure) I would think Nash would have her puppies before Addie. But Addie is due  first and 4 days before Nash. Addie is very content, while Nash is more restless and uncomfortable. I guess we’ll see how it all plays out. It will be an eventful week, eh?

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In the meantime, I am working on getting a new Web cam and hopefully replace my broken DLSR to bring you the best photos and puppy cam experience—fingers and toes crossed.