Oh My Gosh These Puppies Are So Cute!

Luke x Dora Pup

From Dora x Luke Week 2

Oh my gosh! These puppies are so stinking cute I can barely stand myself! I know , I know, all puppies are cute.

They have really become active over the past few days. They are escaping the whelping box on a regular basis. I can’t really put the drop door up to keep them in because Dora is not a jumper and will not jump in and out of the box. I tried. She just barks and cries and goes crazy, but will not jump in the box–same with getting out!

I think tonight I will start them on their puppy mash.  It is just one day sooner than I usually do, but I think they will be more satisfied.

I promise I will get new portrait photos up–I just haven’t had a minute!

Be sure to see updated photos though in the sidebar Web albums (click on the top, left-hand photo to see the latest in the weekly album). I update those every few days.

Keep cool!