Really Cute Stuff…

So much has changed over the past couple days with the pups. They are really getting around now, so much better than just 3 days ago.  They are playing with one another a lot. They are getting so cute! They now notice when I come to the side of the box to peek in. Tonight, Milan, Nitro, Ava, Sierra… came over to the side to see me. Very cool. I love when they start to notice people and begin playing.

Oh, a few folks have asked what on earth the socks are they see in the photos in the whelping box.  We fill some big hunting socks with rice. We put them in the microwave for about 2 minutes and squish the rice around inside and they hold heat for hours. The pups love to snuggle up to them. When the pups get older and if they ever chew a hole in the sock, the rice won’t hurt them.  We also can put them in the freezer–great for keeping cool in the summer–or for use as an ice pack!

I took a bunch of photos earlier. I hope you like them. They are so much better than the photos taken just the other day..