Puppy Escape!

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It’s always a huge milestone to me when the first pup escapes the whelping box and it just happened. Shay’s pups will be 20 days old, today. I was changing the wet puppy pads in the whelping box, while the pups played contently on the other side of the box. I was just switching out the wet pads for dry ones–not changing everything–so, the pups were still in the box. So, I am doing my thing and all of sudden, I feel something nibbling on my toes (I was outside the box, kneeling and reaching into the box)! I looked, and low and behold there was Kittery. She had escaped! She was trying like the dickens, yesterday, along with Casco.

So, here we go, time to close the door so there will be no more escaping. It is amazing, the transformation of the pups in just one week, and now, daily. I’ve heard it said that a pup can not learn anything until around the 21-day mark, depending on breed and a few other factors. They should all be able to hear, now and are seeing better everyday. I believe they must have hit the mark that they can learn, also. They have learned to use one side of the whelping box to do their business (although this could be more of an instinct than a “learned” behavior), and now, at least one pup has “learned” how to manage to get over the pig rail and out of the whelping box.

The fun begins!

I should also mention that new photos and weights were added to the puppies page as well as a page for each pup. See it, here..