Shay x Brier Puppies Update – Day 1

It has been an exhausting week. Shay was up all night for several nights before whelping–and then the whelping night. But, we now have 10 beautiful bird-dog puppies squeaking around in the whelping box. All seem to be doing well. All are eating and scooting around very well. Shay is a great mamma. She is eating very well and spends every minute with the puppies.

With the help of our son, Ramsey, we have decided to give the pups temporary names with the theme of 4-wheel drive autos. ha ha… I hope you like the names. The boys are: Ranger, Nitro, Tahoe, Dakota, and Titan. The girls are: Avalanche, Liberty, Milan, Sable, and Sierra. Not too bad, I think I really like the names!

Follow the progression of all the pups, here. We have created a page for each pup and will keep those pages updated with the latest photos and notes.

Here are the first photos of the puppies, sorry they are not very good. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image with captions:

Enjoy–and Happy Thanksgiving to All!.