Shay x Brier Pups Are Two Weeks Old!

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Puppies are 2 weeks old today! All have their eyes open and are gaining weight. They are getting around better and all are up on all 4’s taking steps. They are nibbling on one another, making lots of sounds, and just eating and sleeping a lot. They let Shay know very vocally when they are hungry, too!

All are doing their business on their own, now. Thankfully, Shay still takes care of the clean-up! But, wow, stinky little squibbers.

I have been updating the photos on the puppy page about every 3 days. Most of the photos now show them with their eyes open, but there are a few more that I need to get. I took another set this morning, but many of them were too blurry to use. Sorry. I’ll try again this evening. It is so nice to look into their eyes, now. It seems to really give them personality.

We have been handling the pups as much as possible (without overdoing it, of course). We touch the feet and tails, etc., also to get them used to it.

Their nails have been trimmed 3 times, already. We try to keep them trimmed so they don’t hunt Shay so much while nursing.

Well, we’ll keep everyone posted as much as possible with all the changes and new photos.

Take Care, All!.