Shay Puppies

Shay had her puppies via c-section today. There was a pup sideways that never turned, thus blocking the exit for all.

We are just trying to care for Shay and the pups at the moment and recuperate from a very long, emotional, and worrisome several days. We will post all the official details, photos, get the web cam up and running, etc., later in the week.

I just thought I better post a report letting everyone know that the pups are here and that they—and darling, sweet, tough-as-nails Shay—are all okay.

This was the first time in 18 years that a delivery ended up in a c-section, thus a learning experience for me. This was Shay’s 5th litter of which all previous were normal deliveries. She is still considered young by the vet. Everything in terms of her placenta, uterus, etc. looked perfect. What happened? Nothing, except a pup never turned and blocked the way. These things just happen sometimes.

The vet is coming here Wednesday to remove the dew claws and check on Shay.