Shay’s Puppies 3 Days Old

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Gosh, time is flying by! The puppies will be 3 days old in just a few hours. All is going well. The pups had their dew claws removed yesterday. All are nursing and gaining weight. Shay is handling everything like an old pro. We attached the litter id collars today. With such a litter size as this, the bands will make it much easier to identify the pups until I can keep them all straight! We also gave the puppies their temporary names, today. Our children just don’t like the numbers. We decided to go with a theme and choose cities of Maine for the puppy names. Why Maine? Well, that is where Brier and Shay spent many of their first few hunting seasons and it is one of our favorite states, so Maine it is. I like the names and hope you all will, also. We are so excited about this litter!

Oh, and yes, we have 2 Male puppies available. Excellent hunting-only homes. Contact Us for more information.

Check out all the details of the puppies, their names, and markings on the page I finally created for them, here..