Shay & Brier’s Litter has Arrived!


Every thing always works out the way it should, did you ever really notice that? I had a nice little hunt scheduled for Wednesday at the preserve for my dad–as his birthday gift. On Tuesday evening, the forecast was lots of rain for Tuesday night and Wednesday, so I rescheduled our hunt for next week.

Woke up to a beautiful, sunny day Wednesday morning and was kicking myself all morning over postponing the hunt. Took Shay’s temperature and it was down, so I decided I had better move Maisy and her remaining pups upstairs and prepare things for Shay’s impending delivery. I figured she would deliver within the next two days and with my heavy work schedule, I better take the opportunity to get things ready, now.

I got everything finished up around 4:00 p.m.–everything scrubbed, the 8 week-old pups into their new crates and all settled into living on the upper floor with the big dogs, all blankets washed, the whelping box scrubbed, carpets cleaned, living room rearranged, heat lamp set up, and Shay moved downstairs. She was all happy just lounging in her crate that I placed next to the whelping box, resting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

A little while later, I was starting dinner upstairs and playing with the puppies when Scott yells from downstairs that I had better get down there (interesting that Scott didn’t have to work tonight, too, eah?)… hmmmm…, okay, what is going on? Well, before I knew it, puppy #1 was born! YIKES! Shay hadn’t even been panting hard, I hadn’t been able to notice contractions, nothing seemed to be going on just a while ago. And, here we are just an hour after getting everything ready–puppies!

Well, just 3 hours and 10 minutes later, the final pup was born! All seem to be doing well. They are nursing and scooting around easily. Shay made it look quite easy and she seems to be doing well, also. She is eating, drinking, and taking care of her litter. She even actually went outside once this morning (Shay doesn’t like leaving her litter for the first few days and we usually have to force her to go outside).

We will get photos and all the exciting details on this fantastic Llewellin Setter litter posted within the next few days, but just let me say–this is a very colorful bunch! Most every pup has markings–no Beltons, which doesn’t matter for a Shay puppy anyway. Even though Shay’s previous pups have been born all white, they end up very heavily-ticked, just like her. A few were born obvious tricolors with bumble-bees and slight patches of brown on the sides of the face. One female’s head is almost entirely black with brown cheeks and bumble-bees! If you haven’t seen photos of Shay’s previous pups, I can tell you that they will all be very heavily ticked–with many mostly black by about 6-8 months of age. I, personally, just love the dark colored dogs.

The vet has been notified and the dew claws will be removed tomorrow and all pups will have a good going-over. Now, I get very nervous for the next few weeks, just hoping and praying they–and Shay–are all healthy–and stay healthy.

Stay tuned….