Maisy Puppies 8 Weeks Old

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Well, the pups turned 8 weeks old Thursday, March 27th. All have now gone to their permanent homes with the last one leaving this morning. We have retained one of the male pups and will keep everyone updated on his progress. We hope all the owners will send photos and progress reports and we will post them. We have already heard positive reports on: Kelly’s (#5) progress in Michigan and she seems to be adjusting very well; Miley (#6) is also loving her new home. She spends nights inside and days outside in the kennel. He owner’s say she is very smart and very loved! Cooper had a good night last night with not too much crying and lots of stylish flash points in the yard at his new house. His new owner slept on the sofa next to his crate and they made it through without too much fuss. Kelly (#2) just left this morning and we will be anxious to hear how she faired her first day away.

Maisy seems to still be looking around the house trying to find the pups–only to find just Levi who promptly attacks her. She’s such a good momma. I think she is doing just great with her recovery. She looks great and is getting her girlish figure back.It is very quiet in the house, now. Just one little guy occasionally barking at the big dogs and all the little whimpers of the new puppies. The quiet will not last for long with 10 puppies growing as we speak!.