Maisy Puppies 6 Weeks Old

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I really can not believe these little squibbers were born six weeks ago! They are growing so quickly and learning and changing daily. They are eating dry food now, as I have stopped softening it since they seemed to prefer eating out of Maisy’s dish to their own. They drink tons of water, also.They are doing great at sleeping through the night. Settling in around 1:00 or so when Scott gets home from work and waking around 6:30 – 7:00.They can pretty much do just about everything, from easily getting out of the whelping box, to getting up on the sofas, climbing steps, jumping off the sofa, going down the step and more. They are so smart and I am always amazed at how quickly puppies learn. They mostly use the 3 areas of papers put out for them around the large room to do their business. Much of the time, however, they are standing on the paper, but their business is off the edge. Still, I am thrilled with their progress.

I was cleaning up an area this evening and had to block it off because the puppies kept coming to try to play and grab the wash cloth I was using and were just causing a bit of havoc, so I blocked off the area and distracted them with 2 heavy duty paper towel rolls to play with… well, let me tell you that one very smart boy figured out that he could go all the way around and behind the sofa and back to get to where I was! I was very impressed with this. A 6 week-old puppy that could figure out how to go around and get to me. This was Chance, #4 , male. I like that in a dog, I must say.

Scott has been playing with the wing and all of the pups are flash pointing it. It is so much fun to watch them point. They are also sight pointing one another.

The picking began on Wednesday with #6, Duchess as the first to go. She will be staying not far away from us in PA. #5, was second and is being named, “Kelly.” She is going to Michigan. The 3rd family is thrilled to be getting Blizzy and they are also from PA. The first pick of the males is coming Saturday to make their decision and we will be keeping the second.

The vet comes in the morning to give the pups their first shots and a good going over. I will weigh them and get more photos, then, hopefully! I am so sorry I have not been posting as often as before. I have been blessed with a ton of side work as well as a lot of Web site projects and can barely keep up with it, the puppies, and the house! But, I will try to do better this week..