The “4-wheelers” are 2 Weeks Old!

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Hello all!

Sorry this update is a day late. I seem to be unable to keep up with life, lately. Work, work, work. I am grateful and fortunate and thankful for the work. I just want more time to take photos and write about our dogs–and the puppies.

Much has changed in one week with the pups. They are filling out and all the eyes have opened, now. They are all trying to walk around, too. It’s adorable to watch them on wobbly little legs. Ranger seems to be doing the best with the walking at this date. He is something else, really. He is also quite vocal about his wishes for Shay to tend to his wishes. He practically runs across the whelping box to get to her. Too cute, that little bugger! Ava and Nitro seem to be right along with him in the walking ability. Little Sierra does quite well, herself! They are able to stand up and “do their business” and get around very well. Look out–it won’t be long before they are trying to climb out of the box.

We trim their nails constantly–wow do they grow fast! Wish my nails grew that quickly.. ha ha. Seems to be about every 2 – 3 days they need trimmed again.

They are quite fun to watch, now. I can’t help but want to sit there for hours. They are starting to really notice one another. Biting (with no teeth, yet) on an ear, a foot, etc. Just sitting there looking at each other. So darn cute!

Oh–and the noises! They are really making the cutest noises. It’s like this half-purring sound, half-bark, they all get going and it’s quite a chorus! I keep trying to record it, but have not been successful. It’s really something else.

Shay is doing very well. She takes such good care of the puppies. She does spend more time out of the whelping box in-between feedings and does not run to every little whimper anymore. A bit of discipline beginning, I would say. She does seem to be in the box with them most all night, but in and out during the day. She is eating great and looks great, too. The pups seem very satisfied and are all gaining weight.

Well, enjoy the latest photos and I apologize for the lack of posts and the delay in the photo update.