A Holiday Weekend With Llewellin Setter Puppies

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Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving to All!

It has been such a blessing to have such a fantastic litter of Llewellin Setter puppies! And especially during this holiday.With Scott having a few days off of work, he has been able to get out hunting with some of the dogs. He took our Maddie dancer yesterday and they limited on pheasant. Maddie has such a wonderful, lovely style. She floats through the fields and woods. Flittering along and making amazing moves on the running pheasant. They had a great hunt!

Today, Scott is hunting Covey and Jess. I am very jealous. It is a beautiful day, here in PA. But, I have tons of work and we also feel someone should always be here with the puppies. And, I have had more days hunting this year than he has with all of the trips and such. So, it is his turn.

Puppy Update: All puppies are doing well. They had their dew-claws removed yesterday and were all checked-out. All went very well. All puppies are gaining weight and are starting to look more and more like puppies everyday. They are quite a lively bunch! I love watching them scoot around in the whelping box.

It amazes me every time how they are blind and deaf at the moment, but they can tell immediately when Shay enters the box and they wake up and scoot as fast as they can to her. Just amazing…

We are handling the pups more and more, getting them used to human touch. They are so cute!

They are also quite noisy! Sleeping is a bit difficult with all the noise they make–but, oh, how cute. All the little whimpers and such.

Here are their 4-day-old portraits!

Well, everyone, have a lovely, safe, blessed, Thanksgiving holiday.