The Patriots are 3 Weeks Old Today!

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Shay and Brier’s puppies are growing like weeds, now. They are becoming more and more active and more noisy. It’s pretty cute when they are playing and bark and growl at one another or crying for Shay to feed them.

Shay is a great momma. She is still cleaning up after them and tolerates quite a bit of abuse from them. She is doing great and looking great, too.

We will give the puppies their first dinner this evening. We soak some of the same puppy food that Shay is eating in water and milk replacer and blend it in a blender. It is served warm and the litters usually take to it right away lapping it up eagerly. Shay gets to finish what they don’t eat.

With the first bit of real kibble comes a lot more mess! Things will get a bit stinky in here and is a constant chore to keep up with. It is already necessary to change the whelping box at least twice a day to keep the pups in dry quarters.

The pups are really a ton of fun, now. They all come to the side of the box and try to peek out or have a look at people. When out of the box, they are all very cautiously curious about investigating the room. They love to surround you and crawl up on your lap and snuggle in for a nap. It is a lot of fun!

Here are some photos from the past week: