Patriots are 4-Weeks Old

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Four weeks ago tonight, Shay was delivering the puppies. It has been a quick 4-weeks and these cutie pies are really coming along.

They are eating their puppy food twice a day, now. I am starting to blend the “mash” less and less leaving more bits for them to chew on. Things have become very messy and smelly in here, now!

The pups spend most of the day out of the whelping box. If you have had a chance to watch the puppy-cam, you can see them running around the room–or not see them sleeping under the sofa! Too funny, all of the litters do this. They are not at all liking it when I put them back into the whelping box. Tonight they were very upset when I put them in! They love the freedom of the room–and, I think they do not want to go to the bathroom in the whelping box. Wow, what a mess that is every morning. Everything comes out and goes into the wash. The pups usually need a pretty good cleaning and any toys must be washed as well. Then, the box gets a good cleaning with clorox. I will begin to add the cedar chips, now. I can no longer keep the box dry and clean with the blankets.

I will begin putting them outside in the “puppy kennel” for short periods of time this week. We’ll see when they are ready for it. I tried it on Sunday and they were not ready for it. Even with Shay and I both sitting there with them, they were not quite ready for the change. They were too afraid, yet. I brought them right back in the house and they found their comfy spots by the sofa and were happy and content.We will try it again in a few days.

The pups receive regular nail trimmings and have had their first round of worming medicine. They are getting teeth and Shay is becoming more and more uncomfortable during feeding–she is such a great mom, though. She is still mostly cleaning up after them and still prefers to be with them all the time. She is a very good disciplinarian and teacher.

The pups love people and when I call them, they wake up and come to see me. Personalities are beginning to emerge and some rowdy play has started. They are all over the room and curiously investigating everything. They are starting to try climbing up on things, chew, running, and some barking!

The ticking is really starting to come out and the next few weeks will be a ton of fun!

Stay tuned… Here are a few pictures, not so good and not of them all–as they are all-over the place, now! I will get new portraits and more photos in the next few days..