The Indians are 4 Weeks Old Today!

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The Indians are 4 weeks old today. My goodness, just to think they will be leaving in 3-4 weeks is amazing. They are really full of themselves, now. Very brave and bold. Very, very cute age. They love to see you coming and get very excited with tails wagging. They come running and love to play with you. They are outgrowing the whelping box by leaps and bounds. They get very upset when I put them back in after a bit of playtime or dinner. When out, they find their way to Addison’s crate and love to curl up on her blanket in the crate–excellent! Crate training has begun! šŸ™‚

They love the puppy mash and are eating twice a day, now. I will increase this to three times a day this week. I find them sitting at Addison’s dish of dry kibble having a good time with a few kernels. I will start not blending the mash as much in the blender and leave some larger pieces for them to get used to this week as well.

They have their nails trimmed every couple of days. They have had their first worming. They are learning to climb over things around the room and are getting quite a bit of exercise when they are out of the whelping box.

We are having a blast!!!1.