Puppy Update

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The puppies are growing like mad and are learning more everyday. The Indians can do just about anything now.  They will turn 5 weeks old tomorrow. It was already time to block off the steps to the upstairs as they have already tried to follow me.

I opened the door for a bit today. A few ventured out, but quickly came running back in. It is very cold here and they are not quite ready for that, yet. I would say over the next few days they will venture out more and more. They are curious to go out and do go out but it doesn’t take but a minute before they are shivering and I bring them back in.

I will start making some notes on personality this week. I will say now, though, that I don’t envy anyone picking from this litter. It will be a difficult choice if basing solely on personality. They are all very much the same–all bold, curious, love people and come running. Not a one is shy in any way. There is not a clear dominant pup either. I like this and this is something we try for–an even litter–where you can just close your eyes and pick because one will be just as good at everything as the one next to it. But, it does make the decision on which to choose a bit more difficult for those looking for the boldest pup, or the loner, or the one that comes running first. You won’t find that in this litter. They are very equal in all aspects.

They still very much like to attack Addison for that wonderful mother’s milk. She is becoming more and more eager to leave them and is becoming quite uncomfortable nursing them. We try to keep their nails trimmed constantly so they don’t hurt her as much. Dry puppy kibble is offered 3 times daily and my goodness do they eat! They are all right-around 6 lbs as of today.

They will have their second round of Nemex-2 for worming tomorrow and next week, when they turn 6-weeks, will have their first set of shots.

They still spend the night in the whelping box and are not very happy about it!  I thought it was getting better with very little crying when I put them back in the box at night–but lastnight was awful and there wasn’t anyone in this house sleeping through it! They didn’t want food, they had water, they had toys. Nope, all they wanted was OUT of the box. Finally, at 5:30 am, as soon as it was quiet for a moment, I let them out of the box. They all went to the paper (there is also paper in the whelping box), did their business on it, and went to their bumper bed, climbed in and promptly went to sleep! I think they did not want to soil in the whelping box. My gosh. That’s all they wanted?

The cuties have run of the room during most days (unless I have to leave). They love the dog bed and are quickly out growing it–I have to get a larger one this week. Sometimes a few of them go into Addison’s crate for a nap.

Paper training is going quite well. I really don’t like to paper train at all and like to get them going outside as soon as possible. But, it is just too cold and they are not quite old enough to be able to handle zero degrees. So, paper training it must be.

Here are a few photos of the Indians:

The Gunners are really coming along. They turned 3 weeks old yesterday. They had their first meal of puppy mash and loved it! They also received their first round of wormer and got to get out of the whelping box a bit to explore the room. We even had our first escape today–Kolar is a pro and can get out lickety split. I will have to put the door up, now.

They ate their second meal of mash this morning and were even more eager to do so! The pups get quite messy with the first few meals and they were really covered in it. They go to work cleaning one another off and Maddie finishes the task later.

They are really playful now and notice when I come into the room calling them. They wake up and come  to the side of the box with tails wagging and look out.

Here are a few photos, and I will add to this tomorrow: