The Gunners are 4 Weeks Old!

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These darlings are coming along very well. I brought them out to the living room tonight after putting the Indians to bed. My goodness did they have a ball! First, they found the food dish and had a few nibbles. They had a drink from the water dish. Then they were into everything exploring. They immediately got into places that I have successfully kept the Indians out of–behind the sofa, behind the crate, lol. Wow, they really enjoyed exploring. They chased–and I mean chased Maddie around and did this quite well. When Maddie escaped them by jumping up onto the sofa, they tried with all their might to get up there. Not being able to, they sat and barked at her. How funny!

Lots of changes are going on with them. First, the ticking is really coming out and just overnight 4 blue beltons have turned into tri-colors or, in this case,  tri-beltons!  They are:  Kimber, the only female of the litter, Griff,  Rizzi, and Rossi! It looks like little guy, Benelli, is the only Blue Belton. But, who knows what tomorrow will bring!

They are all loving eating their mash. I will start to not mash it as much this week. They receive it twice a day and are still quite messy about it.

They are absolute little darlings and very eager to explore, see people, and none seem afraid or shy at all..