Maddie’s Puppies Are Here!

Maddie’s beautiful litter of 10 puppies arrived during the night.  I was a bit surprised, as I hadn’t caught the temperature drop and she ate breakfast and dinner as usual. I thought we had at least 2 more days!

Well, she was rather quick about all of it and had the first pup just after 1:00 am,  with the last being born at 7:20 am. Between pup 7 and 8 was a very long delay of several hours.

There are 9 males and 1 female! All are Beltons (no body patches) except two, of which one has two small spots on the back and the other has eye patches.  Lovely litter. I couldn’t be more pleased! Maddie did fantastic.

Now, we will need to find a theme. We had considered a Christmas theme (thank you, Sally!). But, I am thinking with so many males, it may be a bit more difficult coming up with the names, what do you think? I suppose we could use reindeer names, though, right?

Or how about gun manufactures? Benelli, Beretta, Ithaca, Cole, Churchill, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Stoeger, Mossberg, Browning, Dakota, Rossi, Griffin, Kolar, Marocchi,  Sig/Rizzini, Zoli, Ziegenhahn, Kimber? Suggestions are appreciated!

All pups are doing well. The birth weights were between 6.0 and 7.8 oz.s — rather small, but for such a large litter, they are just fine.

We will certainly be using the puppy id collars for this gang–as they are all (except 2), Beltons and may be a bit difficult to tell apart for a few weeks!

I’ll be positing photos over the next few days.

UPDATE: 12/13/09:

All pups are doing well. Maddie is doing great and is eating very well and taking excellent care of all these beautiful puppies.  It has been decided by popular vote to go with the “Gunners” theme for this litter, using shotgun manufacturers. The single female will be Kimber. The males are: Ben(eli), Griffin, Kolar, Moss(berg), Rizzini, Rossi, Ruger, Stoeger, and Zieg (for Ziegenhahn). I love the names!

UPDATE: 12/14/09:

The puppies had their dew claws removed today. All went well. the little wigglers are all gaining weight and coming along quite nicely. More and more ticking is coming out and I will be taking photos and putting on the puppy ID collars soon.

UPDATE: 12/17/09:

The “Gunners” are 1-week old! My goodness, they are growing and changing and really getting around. Maddie is a wonderful mom and she is doing a fantastic job taking care of these 10 pups..