Gunners and Indians and Pooping, Oh My!

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Did you ever have 18 Llewellin Setter puppies running around your living room? Oh my gosh–what a hoot!

Now, I would not advise it but if you do ever get experience this you should be prepared. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting ruined. And make sure all body parts are covered. Shoes and gloves are optional, but advisable.  You cannot mind that you will leave smelling a bit like poop. Because even if the puppy makes it to the paper to do his business, another one will come along and step in it or knock him over and have it all over him! No matter how hard I try or how much I spot-clean or even bath the puppies,  5 minutes later someone has poo on their feet.

You are welcome to come in the worst mood you have ever been in because it won’t take all of 20 seconds before a smile takes over any frown.  🙂 Slightly poopy feet-smell or not!

They run, pounce, paw (I love the paw), growl. Oh my gosh. You are laughing and down on the floor playing in a minute. Then, the attack! They like the face. They like to climb, climb, climb and get to your face and lick. They love you. They really want to be in your lap, arms, what ever, they don’t care. Just so they are with you. They think you are sooo interesting.

How much fun!

I decided to give this a try, introduce the Gunners to the Indians. There is 12 days difference in age, but what a big difference at this age it is! Things went very well and all had a ball. The Indians did get a bit aggressive at times. At 6 weeks, the stage of setting dominance over one another is highly prominent in their behavior. The Gunners were troopers and stood their ground, though. I would not do this unsupervised though, as I would just worry a bit about a few of the Indians ganging up on one and perhaps it causing a shyness or aggression toward other dogs. It is highly doubtful, but I don’t want to risk any bad experiences for them. This really is a very impressionable age.

Maddie was excellent with the situation. She oversaw things from the sofa, getting down to keep order when necessary. The Indians think she is something else and chase and chase her (they still really would like to nurse). Maddie is excellent at disciplining them every so slightly. She will give a low growl when they are getting out of hand and too rough with play. If they don’t stop at this, she will use her nose to nudge them away, growl a bit more, etc., until they listen. She ends up in some very playful antics with them–and especially Cherokee, who will not leave her alone! It’s adorable. Maddie is the most wonderful momma–and Aunt.

There are a few of the Gunners that are doing something I have rarely seen before. I take them out of the whelping box 2—3 times a day for eating and exercise. When most of them get tired, full tummies, or what have you, they pile up somewhere and nap. Well, there are 3 or 4 of them that do all they can to get back in to the whelping box! Stoeger, Kolar, and Zeig can actually get back in. Remi and Kimber can get back in most of the time. How cool is that? They like their box. It makes them feel secure and it is where they prefer to go to rest.

We received more snow overnight–I am loving every speck of it. It is pretty, clean, and it makes some things easier for me to clean. Picking up the kennels is no problem at all. But, it is still very cold—too cold for wee puppies to experience much of it.  The big dogs, however, are having a ball playing in it. The boys out in the kennels don’t seem to mind it at all. They have loads of straw, extra food for the extra calories needed to maintain warmth, and we keep the water fresh at all times. I’ll take the snow over rain and mud any day.

My son took a hunting trip this weekend. The last day of grouse season is nearing in PA. I hope Count and Jenna are doing well for the gang of youngsters. I will report on the hunting as soon as he returns Sunday.

Some excited folks are coming to have a look at the puppies this weekend. As soon as the vet does his examination of them, the picking will begin! It looks like this may be on Monday.

Stay tuned…