All The Gunners Receive A Clean Bill of Health

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The veterinarian just left. All the Gunners received their first set of shots and a clean bill of health.

I just love our vet. First, because he (usually) comes to us and second, because he is so thorough. He spends a lot of time with each pup checking everything out–the ears, mouth, eyes, heart, bone structure–he plays with them watching them walk and run, and then administers the shot in the scruff of the neck and massages it.  The pups never even notice it is happening—I love that!

It has been awful rainy, yucky weather here, but warmer. If I leave the door cracked open, all the pups have been doing great going outside to do their business. It is a hoot around here, let me tell you! When these pups are wound up, oh my! They rip and tear and bark and growth. They are all pointing one another and their toys. It is a blast to watch and play with them.

The Indians, 8 weeks old now, do great when I put them in their whelping box at night and barely make a peep, although they all can get themselves out of the box, now, if they really want out! Little scoundrels! I must get the whelping box out and get crates in. It is way past time that they get crate trained!

The Gunners, well, oh my gosh are they cute! The ticking has really come out and they are very good-looking pups. Things are insane and the pups a lot of work, but I really enjoy them. I always have at least one in my lap while I work–isn’t that the best? I am so lucky. And Llewellin Setter puppies are the best companions. They are so sweet and I find everyone of them irresistible.

Kolar, I have dubbed Koala Bear because he is the sweetest boy ever! He is a fluffy teddy bear and I just adore his disposition and attitude. I have to pick him up and hug him every chance I get!

Rizzini–oh my gosh, I love this guy, too! He really shows that he has a fantastic nose. For instance, I will bring my lunch downstairs to eat at my desk. All the puppies will be snoozing and then I hear Rizz! I look and he is running around all excited with his nose in the air looking for the source of that new smell! How cool. I love it.

Ruger and Remington, oh my gosh are they handsome! The orange ticking is really coming out and they are very good-looking pups with black noses. They are both fantastic about going to the door and wanting outside and are the sweetest boys! Both are sight pointing and I love the stalking they do.

Kimber, Rossi, Zieg, and Griffin are practically twins! I can barely keep them straight, except that Zieg is a wee bit bigger and has two black spots. The same as the rest of the gang, these pups really show great promise. They are gorgeous tri-beltons (except for Zieg), and very stylish.

Little Ben is an amazing little guy! I think it is official–we have our first runt. Ben is half the size of the rest, but don’t let that fool you. He can do anything that his litter mates can. There is no difference in abilities at all, he is just smaller. Scott favors Ben and keeps saying we are keeping him!

Over and out for now.