Update on Zeke (Remi from the Gunners)

I was thrilled to receive a new update and fantastic photos of Zeke (Remi from the Gunners—Maddie x Remus—litter), now just one year old. Have fun viewing Lauren’s beautiful photos in the slide show above.

Here is what they had to say about him:

I’m glad to report that Zeke had a fantastic first season.  Ben may take him out one last time, next weekend, but we’re waiting to see how his tail heals this week.  He keeps opening up the tip – combination of crashing through the brush while hunting and excessive wagging 🙂  I’ve attached the link to an album of his first season.  I only went along for three or four trips, so most of the training and hunting I caught with the camera was either chukar or pheasant.  Most of the fall, Ben was off for long weekends at his camp in Forest county, hunting grouse and pheasants.   What a wonderful dog and handsome too!  I get compliments every time I take him to the dog park.  He surpassed our expectations this fall by far and happens to be a great retriever.  His drive is insane, I think we made the right choice by including “Relentless” in his name.  I am still working daily on his manners in the house – all that puppy energy just can’t be contained sometimes!  He is learning to control his impulses and I’m glad to say is welcome where ever we visit (which is my main goal).  I hope all is well with you, Ben loves looking at your pictures and reading your blog every couple weeks – he updates me.  Happy hunting!