Update on Rock (Now Tuck, from the Streams litter)

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Tucker and some of his new family
Tucker and his new family

I thought I should share an update on Rock (out of Dora x Luke), who now lives in Anchorage, AK. Here is what his new Mom had to say:

I promise myself I will get the pictures of little, well not so little man out running the woods.  We have been out again, we went to get our tree where we also bird hunt (I know total bonus).  He had a ball and came when called, so it only took once to get him to figure out running off was not mom’s idea of fun.  We all had a blast getting the tree.  Tuck flash pointed everything that moved LOL.   He did lock up once so hard he slid in the snow and flipped his butt over his head then stood up and set again, we investigated, but found no bird….. there had to have been one in there at some point though because I have never seen him do that before.

He is the perfect dog for me.  Looks like he will love to hunt that is no doubt, but beyond that the great thing about him is that he is my perfect dog (period). In any sense of the word….. He gives kisses, but not too many, just an occasional kiss.  He occasionally barks at passers by, but again, not allot.  He crawls on my lap when I ask and will place his head on my shoulder and let me love him calmly.   He likes to be rocked in the rocker and patted, Kurtis claims I may ruin my bird dog…. jokingly…  but really does like it though, just like a baby.  Actually I am not sure who loves the cuddle time more, him, or me.  He bounces around and plays with me and my boys when I want him to, but will quickly calm down and sit at my feet.  He is beyond brilliant, takes him maybe one day of a few minutes working on something to get it, the only rival (equal) I have ever had in a dog is Macy and you know what I think of her.   I can snap my fingers and point the direction I want him to go and he already does….. we do this command outside and inside the house, if I need him to step aside, I say Tucker, once he looks at me I direct and he goes where he is to go….. he is amazing.  If I could write a list of behaviors, desires, and temperament in a dog that I desired he fits it…….. I  have so much more than I asked for and we love him.  I feel very lucky to have him, but I know it is not just luck, it is great breeding and for that I want to thank-you.

By the way, Macy and he get along great.  She is a wonderful old dog and I knew we would work whatever out regardless, but they cuddle together, he is gentle with her, but yet gets her to playing like a puppy at times, (very cute).  They kiss each other….. it is very sweet.  I will have to send a cuddle picture as well.

I need to take some more of him inside as well so you can see what is going on with his spots.  The ticking has gotten much darker and changed colors somewhat.

Last, but not least, we are considering potentially another pup, we just love Tuck so much and he is so perfect.   We already kinda dule for him when we are out anyway LOL, so maybe a pair is a good idea LOL, one for each of us…. then of course all dogs get loved from the kids.   I have interest in potentially purchasing one more of your pups…..  (it is official, we are addicted to your Lewellins).