Update on Maddie (Kenai “Trout Streams” Dora x Luke)

Received these great photos of Maddie (litter name Kenai from the Famous Trout Streams litter out of Dora sired by Luke). Maddie is now 6 months old and lives in Michigan. Her litter mates are: Copper, Gunni, Stoney (now Riley), Snake, Madison (now Sadie), and Rock (now Tucker).

Maddie (Dora x Luke)
Maddie (Dora x Luke)

Maddie (Dora x Luke)
Maddie (Dora x Luke)
Kenai will be going to Michigan to live with the Gustafson family.

I’ve included a photo of her at 5 weeks old to show how much a Llewellin pup can change (especially when one parent is as heavily ticked as Luke).

Thank you so much for sending photos–I love it!

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