Lots of Excitement Today

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It was a rather busy Monday and it is far from over as I am just settling in for round 2! The weather was a dreadful 89 degrees today here. YUCK! Just awful for the kids going back to school in no air-conditioning, wouldn’t you say?

I have lots of homework being it was the first day of school–loads of paperwork that needs reading and signing. You know how that goes! ARGH! You can’t believe how much paperwork I have to fill out tonight!

Snake & Copper
Snake will be going to live near Johnstown, PA with the Pearson family!
Copper will be going to live in Michigan with the Cyccone family.
Kenai will be going to live in the Superior state with the Gustafson family.
Madison, female tri-color Llewellin Setter puppy
Madison will be going to New Jersey to live with the Rocca family.

Three new puppy families made decisions on which pup will be theirs. Copper and Kenai are lucky pups both going to different areas of Michigan and Madison will be going to New Jersey. I think I already announced that Snake was first-pick and will be living rather close to us near Johnstown, PA.  A few excited families tonight! I am excited for them–and the puppies! Wonderful families.

This leaves the amazing, very handsome Rock, Stoney, and Gunni! I think if I am forced to spend much more time with any of them, I will just have to keep them all. Oh my gosh, I get so attached to these pups. I just love them to pieces and they are so much fun. They love, love, love playing outside and are not afraid of a thing, now. They rip and tear up and down the hill like it was nothing. They are really developing great muscle tone and having a ball discovering birds, butterflies, visiting the “big” dogs, playing in the water, you name it, they are having a ball at it. They are flash-pointing one another almost constantly. It is so funny to watch them hiding in the “cover” areas of the yard (which are over-grown areas that no one wants to attempt with the string trimmer) and pounce on another pup running by. They are really having a ball.

I am also excited that my new remote for my older Tri-Tronics 3-dog collar set arrived today! The original remote got lost in the wilds of the Northwoods last year (hubby, I still have to hold my breath and not say what I really want to say about when I lost my remote and what you had to say about it…and I even found mine). So, finally, just a week ago, I sent the collars off to The Collar Clinic. One week later, I received my new remote all synced with my collars. Very cool! Check them out for all of your e-collar repairs, or new e-collars. My experiences with this company have been wonderful. They are very nice, very fast, and very reasonable. They sell new and reconditioned e-collars or will repair your old ones! Check them out, here.

I am also very excited to hear they finally find out what is wrong with my truck! They could not get the problem to repeat itself and it was looking like everyone thought I was crazy. But, this morning they tried to back it out of the shop (giving up on it, I suppose)  and guess what? It wouldn’t budge! See! I am not crazy (well, I could be, but with this I really didn’t just imagine it)! Anyway, they could finally figure out the problem–it is the master cylinder. Things are looking up for having my truck back in time for my trip–Yee Haw!

I also was successful in locating all my tie-outs and my chain gang. Wow, that is a relief. Now, to just figure out how I am going to take 4 more dogs on this trip!

Okay, now, back to workie, workie… even though my new copy of Pointing Dog Journal and the Fall 2010 Ugly Dog Hunting catalog are laying on my desk just teasing me saying, “Come on, just pick me up and have a quick look-see!”  But, I must restrain myself from fun right now (I am still having fun because who else can “go to work” with 7 Llewellin Setter puppies sleeping on their feet?! I am the luckiest girl in the whole world [I would be luckier if I could actually shop out of the Ugly Dog Catalog tonight, though]) and get down to brass tacks… the trip is just about 12 days away! Oh my gosh, I can hardly wait!